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Building a Better Bronx:

A Healthy Community, A Healthier Government



Legislative Accomplishments of 2019

  • Passed legislation to expand the loopback period for NYC firefighters to receive enhanced disability benefits during their retirement when they are diagnosed with job-related cancers
  • Passed legislation to protect the right of working mothers of newborns to spend their breaks breastfeeding their children
  • Passed legislation extend the life of the Children's Health Insurance Program, which provides 800,000 low-income children in New York State with health care
  • Passed legislation to extend the life of the Interagency Task Force on Human Trafficking, which would coordinate the implementation of laws to prevent human trafficking in our state
  • Got legislation through the Assembly relating to the expansion of reporting on hate crimes and forcing fossil fuel companies to repair pipelines and lower heating bills for homeowners 

Budgetary Wins of 2019

  • Funded the one-of-a-kind NYS Department of Health report to study the need for safe patient to nurse staffing ratios
  • Provided $147,000 in small grants to local organizations that serve our community
Community Wins / Efforts of 2019
  • Organized the community and forced the MTA to put a lang-awaited elevator in the Parkchester 6 train station
  • Vehemently opposed the shelter at 2008 Westchester Avenue
  • Held several important community events and fairs to connect community members with services
    • Organized housing resource fairs and mobile office hour events 
    • Organized immigrant legal clinics and paper shredding events in the community

Legislative Priorities for Next Year

  • Consumer Rights
    • Has legislation to reform food date labeling, so that consumers can easily read when food is at its best quality and when it is unsafe to consume, as opposed to reading the confusing “sell by” dates on food (Assembly Bill 6573)
    • Has legislation (New York State Federal Worker Banking Assistance Act) to provide furloughed federal workers during a government shutdown with access to low to no interest rate loans and the modification of existing loans (Assembly Bill 8168)
  • Expanding Worker’s Rights and Diversifying the Civil Service System
    • Has legislation to study the NYS civil service examination and the methodologies that influence the diversity of the civil service workforce in New York State (Assembly Bill 6810)
    • Has legislation to establish that the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board can assess if a worker, in any industry, has a work-related mental injury that impairs them from working (Assembly Bill 7424)
    • Has legislation to help workers that receive workers’ compensation benefits get access to direct deposit from third party insurance carriers (Assembly Bill 7579)
    • Has legislation to establish a reporting mechanism for an employer and contractors who engage in the practice of persuading employees against organizing and collectively bargaining (Assembly Bill 8462)
    • Has legislation to ban "captive audience meetings", which would prevent workers from being subject to being forced to attend meetings, orchestrated by their employer, where they are forced to listen to intimidating, anti-union presentations as they consider exercising their right to organize (Assembly Bill 9024)
  • Housing
    • Has legislation to provide cooperative and condominium owners with a bill of rights (Assembly Bill 6811)
  • Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy
    • Has legislation to make gas pipeline facilities to accelerate the repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of equipment or pipelines that are leaking or at a high risk of leaking, which will protect both the environment and homeowners who pay the price for heating (Assembly Bill 7334)
  • LGBTQ Rights and Hate Crimes
    • Has legislation to ensure that New York State collects and reports data on the sexual orientation, gender identity and racial or ethnic identity of victims and alleged perpetrators (Assembly Bill 8070)
  • Domestic Violence
    • Has legislation to prevent domestic violence victims from paying their abusers by allowing them to take their spouse or family member off as a beneficiary on their pension (Assembly Bill 6841)
  • Women's Rights, Maternal Health and Health Equity
    • Has legislation to combat the Trump Administration's efforts to harm women's health, through establishing an Abortion Access Fund that would allow New York State taxpayers to make contributions to support  family planning clinics that assist low-income women with getting access to quality care (Assembly Bill 8681)
    • Has legislation to fight the institutional racism in the medical field through ensuring that comprehensive anti-bias training in medical schools (Assembly Bill 8741)
  • Supporting our Seniors and Helping the Most Vulnerable
    • Has legislation to help localities set up automatic enrollment and re-enrollment programs for seniors to access the Senior Citizen Rental Increase Exemption (SCRIE) program, which would help rent burdened seniors afford their rent (Assembly Bill 8862)
    • Has legislation to expand SNAP benefits to cover hot meals for seniors, the homeless and the disabled who may not have access to a kitchen (Assembly Bill 8764)
  • Protecting Immigrants and Expanding Opportunity
    • Has legislation to make New York a sanctuary state 
    • Has legislation to provide immigrant workers with credentials when they successfully complete English language acquisition courses (Assembly Bill 8493)
    • Has legislation to support immigrant taxi drivers who have been impacted by the predatory lending by banks and other financial institutions in the sale of taxi medallions (Assembly Bill 8589)
    • Has legislation to address and combat the increasing suicide rate among taxi drivers affected by the payday lending exhibited by financial institutions in the sale of taxi medallions (Assembly Bill 8589)
Cosponsorship of Bills Relating to Prescription Drugs and Real Estate
  • Lowering Prescription Drug Prices
    • Cosponsored 10 bills to reduce the price of prescription drugs and increase transparency
      • A00585 - Enacts the "comprehensive contraception coverage act" (Makes sure that employers provide contraceptive drugs are provided to employees who request it)
      • A02817- Relates to insurance coverage of in vitro fertilization and other fertility preservation treatments (Forces health insurance companies to cover IVF treatments and drugs in their insurance plans)
      • A02969- Relates to prescription drug formulary changes during a contract year (Law that ensures that ACA recipients in New York State (or people on the Essential Plan) are not affected by formulary changes in their health care plan relating to prescription drugs during the enrollment year and provided extensive notice ahead the change, so that they may consider changing plans)
      • A05248- Provides for establishment of the New York Health plan (Would convert New York State from a system of care for those who can afford to a system where all people can get care, through establishing a single-payer system. This would restructure how prescription drugs are paid for and reduce the price of prescription drugs for New Yorkers)
      • A06606Relates to the price gouging of pharmaceuticals (Legislation that would penalize drug companies for drastically increasing drug prices on those who are dependent on the treatment)
      • A07196Enacts the manufacturer disclosure and transparency act (This bill basically forces pharmaceutical companies and drug companies to disclose "pay-for-delay" deals, where brand name pharmaceutical drug companies will pay the manufacturers of generic drugs to delay the creation of generic drugs, which allows the generic to have a high cost because of delayed competition from a generic)
      • A07588Relates to creating a wholesale prescription drug importation program (This bill would allow New York State to set up a program for the purchase of generic prescription drugs from other nations that are on par with brand name drugs created in the U.S.)
      • A08103Relates to establishing a cap on the price of prescription insulin
      • A08533Relates to capping cost sharing for insulin
      • A08639Enacts the "patient medical debt protection act"; repealer (This bill would end deceptive billing practices undertaken by health care companies and prescription drug companies that deceive patients with confusing billing information) 
  • Curbing the Power of Real Estate Developers
    • Cosponsored 31 bills to reduce the power of landlords and real estate developers, while increasing the power of tenants
      • A00329Requires landlords to provide notice of rental history upon the signing of a vacancy lease
      • A00789- Relates to requiring landlords of certain properties to furnish New York homes and community renewal with data pertaining to succession rights
      • A00917- Prohibits the adjustment of maximum allowable rent where any modification, increase or improvement is made to accommodate the needs of a disabled tenant
      •  - Makes conforming technical changes to the New York City administrative code and the emergency tenant protection act relating to vacancy decontrol; repealer 
      • A01287Relates to an action for willful neglect of residential real property and treble damages 
      • A01297- Relates to the supervision of certain limited profit housing companies 
      • A01588- Requires access to new homes by persons with disabilities 
      • A01849- Relates to including the illegal conversions of dwelling units in the definition of harassment 
      • A01959- Relates to the adjustment of maximum allowable rent and requiring the division of housing and community renewal to confirm improvements have been made prior to the approval of rent increases 
      • A02027- Relates to the definition of income for the purposes of the private housing finance law 
      • A02139- Relates to submitting and tracking complaints relating to housing conditions and making such information publicly available 
      • A02159- Relates to tenant responses to applications for a major capital improvement rent increase 
      • A02351- Relates to rent increases after vacancy of a housing accommodation; repealer 
      • A02623- Relates to prohibiting legal fees to be charged by a lessor or agent thereof 
      • A03109- Relates to requiring affordable housing projects to calculate and only use the area median income for the specific zip code that the project is located in 
      • A04267- Relates to the termination of a residential lease by a victim of domestic violence; repealer 
      • A04349- Prohibits an owner from adjusting the amount of preferential rent upon the renewal of a lease 
      • A04401- Ends the department of homes and community renewal's major capital improvement program and creates the guaranteed habitability protections program within such department 
      • A04898- Relates to additional information required in annual reports for limited-profit housing companies 
      • A05026Relates to the definition of floor area 
      • A05030Relates to prohibiting eviction without good cause 
      • A05251- Relates to investigation of rent overcharge complaints in rent regulated housing accommodations 
      • A06322Eliminates rent increase for major capital improvements 
      • A06465Repeals provisions of law relating to individual apartment improvement rent increases 
      • A06565- Relates to the temporary reduction of rent for failure to maintain services 
      • A06992- Relates to the payment of arrears for certain taxes 
      • A07046- Establishes the statewide tenant protection act of 2019 
      • A07737- Relates to the determination of whether an overcharge of rent is willful 
      • A08019- Requires a conspicuous memorandum regarding the disruption of vital services 
      • A08185Repeals provisions of law relating to individual apartment improvement rent increases 
      • A08281Enacts the "Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019" (The landmark rent laws passed during the 2019 legislative session)


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